What's next? This is Annakiki.

I like to go to boutique to find some interesting clothes for myself usually. Why? Because they always surprise me! And it is more fun to shop in boutique than the big store. The fashion buyer always bring the special fashion brands to us and they don't care if they are famous or not, they care about how talent they are.

Voulez Vous ( 3/F, 18 Pak Sha Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong ) is a stylish boutique I really like, the owner and the buyer regularly bring us unique and interesting pieces from Paris, Thailand, Beijing, Korea, Shaihang... to Hong Kong.

Today I have picked Annakiki's pieces because their new collection is so attractive to me. 
Red and black makes a fantastic and mystical feeling to me, the embroidered lips and flowers as a key details, the volume gauze made skirt with uneven shape and the long pencil shaped dress with off shoulder is another key details for the F/W collection 2014.

How could you say no to Annakiki? Tell me which one is your favorite item!

Specially Thank you to Voulez Vous and Victoria Chan (my fashion photographer)!
Thank you for reading! Love you all!


Voulze Vous ( 香港銅鑼灣白沙道18號3樓) 就是其中一間我喜歡的型格時裝店,店主和買手會定時替我們去到巴黎,泰國,韓國,上海,北京等地,將獨特和有趣的衣飾帶到香港,好等我們不用外遊都可以享受到不同國家的時裝成品。



重點多謝 Voulez Vous 和 Victoria Chan (我的時裝攝影師)!

Sarah Lai - Freedom(SS 2015 preview)

Before I show you the ''Freedom'', let's have a look of the background of Sarah Lai? 
''Founding her eponymous label in 2013, Sarah Lai is a Hong Kong-based fashion entrepreneur with a background in finance. Born out of her desire to infuse the freedom and functionality of everyday work with chic and sophistication, the Sarah Lai collection is for the modern woman who shares the same savoir vivre and cosmopolitan world-view, while at the same time embracing a timeless aesthetic of grace and refinement.''

I met Sarah in her launch press day and I had a talk with her, I found that she is a humble sweet heart, full of passion for her fashion dream. For me I do like the color she picked- Blue tone but close to purple. It giving me a smart, sharp but also feminine feeling. ( simply is a beautiful modern ladies )

And her designer pieces is really wearable and trendy, I can easily pick 4-7 pieces and can do a good mix and match with them.  

She have told us the idea of ''Freedom''the SS 2015 collection- She wants the ladies can have a nice clothes for work in day time and also for the night time party/dinner, she wishes all the lovely ladies can have a nice look freely and effortlessly. I guess this is why she named her new collection as ''Freedom''.

Let's have a look of her stylish design? Please keep rolling down, thank you! 

在我向大家介紹''Freedom(自由)''前,就來看看Sarah Lai的背景先呢!
''黎晴馨Sarah Lai是一位香港时装企业家,于2013 年创立了同名的品牌。Sarah成长于传统中国式家庭中,是上世纪二十年代「上海三大亨」之一黄金荣的曾外孙女儿。她继承了其外祖母独特的品味和优雅的气质、和她母亲泰然自若的个性和坚定的意志 - 这些特质促使她去创立属于自己的时装品牌。Sarah渴望可重新演绎昔日服饰的恒久典雅,并把其简单淳朴的魅力和现代时装的自由性、功能性融合为一。故Sarah Lai品牌的一系列都是最适合具备高贵优雅气质、优良教养,但又拥有大都会世界观的现代女性。''

我在Sarah的SS 2015 collection發佈會見過她真人,覺得她是個沉實有禮的甜甜女生,對自己的時裝理想有著十足的熱誠。我本人很喜歡她為這新一系列所選擇的顏色-調子藍但偏向紫色。這給了我一種聰明,明確但又有著女性美的感覺。(簡單地說-時代女性美)

她的設計都很容易配搭的,穿著度極高而且很時尚!我很快便可以選上四至七款來作mix and match了。



A silky jacket in a camouflage patterns and the sporty look is a key element for SS 2015.

Nice over-sized sweater with beaned wording and the long skirt, I personally love it a lot!!!!!!

The same element applying on the outer jacket (same as the long skirt) .  The inner tops with some attached crystal that like a real necklace.

Square boxy tops made by the silky fabric and the sky bubble blue skirt is one of favorite. 

Designer Sarah Lai styling for the model.
設計師Sarah Lai在為模特兒整理衣裳。

Dear Sarah told me that Lace is her favorite and see how she designed a nice piece for us! It given us a romantic period feeling for us and it can be easily match with a pants. 

Thank you my dear friend- blogger- Ira to be my model.
謝謝我親愛的朋友-博客-Ira 做我的模特兒。

Thank you for inviting me, Sarah! I wish you all the best please keep creating us more and more lovely item! :) I look forward to your next collection!

She hits it! A Fashion Eyes Candy

The Australian top model - Miranda Kerr is one of my favorite fashion icon. She has a sweet sugar face like a friendly girl you can talk with easily, but she can carry casual chic, stylish street fashion which is NOT everybody can carry it nicely. Well, everybody can wear like that but the personal style is not easy to create.  

I like her style is simple but does not mean casual and most of the time there are three key elements on her:
1/ A Middle-large Bag
2/ Killer Heels
3/ Skinny Pants

Let's not talk about the Lux bag first because I know that not everyone can afford it ( at least I cannot ), and what makes her walking confidently? For sure she puts a lots of effort on her beautiful body, do yoga and work out, so she deserves it, but if you don't have? No worries! Because when you put on a killer heels ( 2-3 inches can also make some difference as well ) , the body proportion will be slightly different honestly. 

And the third one- the skinny pants. She is really good in pants, I mean every lady can be pretty in a skirt/dress, but look nice/pretty in pants you need something. 

Please feel free to send me email if you have any advice or for collaboration:
mail: flaviaiswhite@gmail.com

write文- Flavia White
picture圖- google image

澳洲Top Model - Miranda Kerr,她是其中一個我喜歡的時裝指標。她擁有一張甜美的臉,就如鄰家女生一樣,但她的穿衣打扮,型像風格卻是型格十足!那可不是人人都能夠穿得好看而又穿得出那種味道的。

1/ 中-大型手袋
2/ 銳利高跟鞋
3/ 貼身褲



email: flaviaiswhite@gmail.com

write文- Flavia White
picture圖- google image

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