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I will write about the art/music/lifestyle/fashion/funny things in Hong Kong monthly!
If you want to know something you don't know but I know, something funny, healthy, cozy, hidden, follow ME!!!!!! :)

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Never Tell Your Tailor! The Private Life of Superhero

Never Tell Your Tailor is a T-Shirt brand from Paris, their style is Chic, Trendy and playful. ( I am sure you can see )

Want to know the private life of Batman? Want to know the secret of those super hero? HAHA! Here you can find something you want to know! Super woman need tissue to make something bigger, Cat woman loves lollipop more so she doesn't need the fish, Super man doesn't give a shxt..etc...

What if the fairy tale does not exist? Yes! Haha! Let's make more joke then! Laughter is the most powerful weapon nowaday. Don't you think so? :)

Hong Kong now is having a big protest and I truly think that Laughter is so important. Why so serious in our life? If something made you angry or upset, make a joke! Laugh is out! Because nothing is more important than happiness+peace+love. 

When something make you down, always remember there a sunrise is waiting for you.
Love you all. xxx F.F.W.

Edgy Queen-Lalalove


dear all, i wish you are all well! This week is a New Begin for me and i wish all my fellow are good!
Now is autumn and everybody make sure keep your skin good and take care!

It is still hot in Hong Kong so we still can keep dressing up well without bulky clothing.

How do you like my look today? This dress is cute and chic! I do love the big ruffles on the sleeves like a mermaid and the print is So Nice- it is like the pirates in the midnight ocean keep floating up and down, can't see the end and finding the right way.

If you get bored of being a beauty queen, why not give a chance to be an witchy princess?

I do like Lalalove, their design is always playful and you can't be bored of their INTERESTING prints! Bold and Fun! Please have a look of their web site! To support creative designer no matter where they come from :)

Thank you Voulez Vous for supporting me! :) Be a blogger is not easy in Hong Kong, we do need support :) Please feel free to visit their shop!
Thank you Victoria Chan for helping me always! You are the best photographer!!! :)

hey sweet heart! Thank you for clicking in! and if you read this all, wow! you are the best! :)
Thank you! All the best to you!

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