Early Summer should be go pink!

{ Pink day! Cat day! A Red Bull day with a flying motor! A talented friend with his vintage camera! A mocha I like in Coco espresso! ME in the film photo! 

A very lovely and happy day I had. Now I treasure my weekend so much, and I would do as much as I can :)

I will try my best to update my blog and please be understanding that I don't have much time for it..... :( I will try my best to maintain everything I have and spend my time wisely! :)
I still want to do more, eg: paint, design, go to events, meet more people, work aboard, maintain my blog, travel, sport, blah blah blah.... WOW..... OK! step by step! :)

I am reading a book- The power of NOW. It is so nice and I feel better after I understand something of this book. Isness, Oneness, Stillness.... Be aware and nothing is limited our thoughts. 

I have a new Instagram a/c, please kindly follow me to show your support! :)
Instagram: whitepurr

You would know what I am gonna do soon! :) }

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