Black between White

This set of photography was created since February and all the honor belong to my friend- Mr. Shima Evelen. I do appreciate his talent and he can see my different face through his eyes. :)

It is interesting to look at myself through the other's eye, because I can see a part of myself that I may did not see before. Do you know yourself? Or are you sure you understand well?

I always love to discover myself and make myself grow up as fast as I can, but recently I just let go.Why? 1/ We only need to know we are on the right track and do what we should do at that moment. 2/ Cannot force anything. 3/ The more we relax and open, the more we can receive. 4/ Change my attitude, then the world will change for me. 5/ Keep my faith, trust it and pray.

I am looking forward to more and more joy, happiness, abundance and love come to me.
Namaste. xxxxxx

Photographer- Mr. Shima Eleven
Stylist- Me 

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