Bloomy in the party

What to wear in summer for a party? Do not just want to be a black sexy cat but want to be a bloomy lady? This dress is your choice!
Black is always safe and normally cannot get things wrong! But it is kind of boring for a party, so why don't you pick a colorful dress with a feminine cutting to show a nice lady bodylines? 

This dress is simple and classy and the prints is romantic and mystic, the neon color on the prints is catching my eyes! The little details big ruffles is another key details of this dress as well, it emphasizes the hipline and also the waistline, make it even more feminine and sexy. 

For sure I like the accessories and it is all matching my look!

夏日天時穿甚麼去party? 不想時常穿黑色的?那就穿這條時尚而有格調的粉色連身裙呢!


Earrings and bracelet: Dearbell ( 
Style + Write: Flavia White (
Photographer: K.C. Hui 

Not myself (got inspired)

After the event of VS Sassoon, for sure I have to take some nice photos for my look! I like this hair style a lot and be honest I don't style my hair.... because I don't know how and also I am lazy.....

OK! I walked around to find a nice place in Mong Kok with my talented photographer, and she suggested us to go to Langham the second floor, oh well! The balcony is nice and the plant is a good background for us! 

Today I am all black with a draped vest by Vera Wang and a simple black legging by uniqlo. I don't want to wear a tight black pants because the tops is quite heavy so I just wanna keep my bottom light. 
And put on my dark brown boots by initial to match all my black accessories! 

Recently I got inspired by Christina Aguilera a lot! I love her Bionic! This is why I dressed up like this today! And also I quite like punk fashion (just very simple one), so! Here I am!

The bag with hand drawing and all the rings and leather bracelet that I bought from Seoul!
The lovely necklace is sponsor by my dear friend- Dearbell! :) 

Hope you all like it! CHEERS!!!!

Write: Flavia White (



這天我身上穿的是Vera Wang的褶襉背心,下身是貼身的Uniqlo Legging。我不想穿上黑色褲子,因為上身已經很重了,所以我想保持下身輕一點。另外,深啡色的靴子就是用來配上我一身的黑色飾物!

最近我很喜歡 Christina Aguilera, 特別是她的 Bionic! 這是其中一個原因為甚麼今天我的裝扮那麼Punk!



寫: Flavia White (

A CC cream for Hair? VS Sassoon here for us.

I am glad to share this good news for all lovely ladies! We have a new hair product- CC Cream! It is so interesting because I never heard about this before and this is a total brand new idea for me! 
So I just give a try and get on this creative VS Sassoon Zero Gravity Salon, to let a professional hairstylist to give me a new hair style! 

Thank you for this lovely hair style! I love it a lot! :)
And the decoration in this Zero Gravity Salon is so creative and funny! I love this up side downed CC Hair Cream in front of me! They made me laughed a lot during the hair style session! :)

Let's me introduce a little bit of this CC Hair Cream to you! If you woke up with a messy, fluffy hair and rush to back to office in an early morning, this CC Hair Cream is really helpful! When you don't have time to do anything, so the pony tail is the best choice for you! But I know the hair probably is fluffy as HK weather is humid, so after you pull and comb back all the hair, you just need to put some CC Hair Cream (size like a cent) on your hair to smooth the fluffy part and this could be last for whole day! ( yes, for my oil type hair it could last for whole day. )

I will try to be my own hairstylist everyday from now on! Can't be lazy! 

write: Flavia White (

又有新產品了!今次要說的就是這支專給願髮用的CC Cream了!我之前從來沒有聽過給頭髮用的CC Cream的!所以當我一聽到的時候就是覺得很創新和有趣!一定要試試呢!

真的喜歡這個髮型呢!:) 而這個流動的Zero Gravity Salon內面的擺設也十分之有創意!本人很喜歡在我眼前倒轉了的 CC Hair Cream!哈哈!他們的擺設令我笑個不停!因為真的很有趣呢!

先說說這支CC Hair Cream呢!如果你一早醒來,沒有時間去整理你的蓬鬆頭髮,又很趕急的要趕回公司,這支CC Hair Cream就一定幫到手了!我想你也沒有時間弄甚麼髮型的了,唯一出路就是一條簡單的馬尾,但盤起了的頭髮一定會不貼服的,皆因香港的潮濕空氣,那麼,就取一毫子大的CC Hair Cream,輕輕塗在蓬鬆頭髮處,這樣,一個簡單又俐落的頭型就完成了!我都用過了,這可以保持到一整天的喔!(我的髮質是油性。)

由今天開始就沒有借口不去打理頭髮呢!想漂亮就懶不了喔! :)

文:Flavia White (

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