Rest In La Station

This is my second time to have my hot Mocha in La Station, love this Mocha made with coffee and unsweeten chocolate. :) I told them I cannot drink strong coffee so they make this Mocha with single shot for me! (Normally it needed two shots to make a Mocha) :) I always love to drink Mocha because when the chocolate mixed with coffee is SO interesting- the texture, the taste of fruit from the coffee bean, the chocolate etc... This is why I love Mocha because it tastes like a dessert for me, it always comfort me so well when I am down. :) 
This Mocha I found in La Station is made by dark chocolate, it is so different from what I have tasted before. I did not add any sugar so it is just pure dark chocolate, and the texture is thin and silky, I don't feel uncomfortable, it is so delighted to drinking this. :)

I think I will keep coming back for this. :) I see you soon! And I did not take many photos of the interior design of La Station, actually it is like a station and you feel like you are in a safe place to hidden from the world! :) I highly recommend you to check it by yourself and buy yourself a hot Mocha! :) Maybe I will see you there? xxx

La Station address: G/F., 247 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai 

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