Stay Stylish and Warm with Jumpers & Sneakers

Winter is here again and I feel headache again... why so headache ? Because I am a person who is super feel cold easily and I am not a winter person for sure.... so! how to keep warm but stay stylish? 
I feel so happy because the fashion trend is back to basic in these few years and more people aware how important is our earth, SO! All I mean this kind of ''basic'' style is really fit me, as I am not a perfectionist for fashion... I like simple and normally what makes myself outstanding is my personality.... oh sorry... back to the topic! :) I mean I am so happy to seeing so many simple style snap shoot for giving me inspiration! 

As the pic says- Jumpers, Sneakers, Knit wears, and big Scarfs. All are so comfy and so easy to carry! And the most important key point is - Warm!

And one more tips- honestly sometimes this style is not easy to carry especially when you are sleepy...tired...stressed.... SO! You need extra three tips to make yourself a little bit brighter! here you are: 1/ Confident 2/ Lips-stick (Smiles) 3/ Sunglasses :)

I am still looking for my winter partner- sneaker..... maybe I should go for nike? :)

Hope you like the pics I picked! :) Everyone stay warm and remember to massage your face when you are putting on the lotion because you know in this cold season, the blood circulation would be slow.... that mean your skin could be looks dull, so a little massage could help! :) Try!

Thanks for reading! :) love you all! xxx F
send me message or leave me comment if you wanna share tips with me! :)

I am not the only one-vintage art direction

I am totally fall into Sam Smith this week... OMG! His voice is so attractive, soulful and powerful, and <I am not the only one> is a simple beautiful song that telling You I know what is happening and I am standing here to wait for the truth. 

I think a beautiful song that can hit people heart with simple melody, as nowadays people must be hunger for something ''basic'', waiting for something to hit their soul and heart..... don't you think so?

Vintage is always my favorite and this  music video was amazed me! Just simply because of the art direction! :) From the house, car, actress hair style, dresses, rings, heels, swimming pool etc that is all about vintage :) The creamy white theme color and green tone  (car, plant, swimming pool, carpet) is a very good combination!

Dianna Agron is a beautiful woman! Thank you for introducing her to me Sam Smith! :)

I can't stop keep playing this song..... I wish you all love this song like me!

PS: OOPS! Sam is a cousin of Lily Allen??!!! COOL!!!!!

Song: << I am not the only one >>
Singer: << Sam Smith >>
Director: << Luke Monaghan >>

Classic house style like in 40's

Classic furniture in single color tone

Vintage hair style

An elegant bun on the back

Clean and keep the hair up 

Clean make up but a heavy smoky eyes

Classical swimming pool that you must be seen in every single old movie

Tiffany green and creamy white laced dress

Simple style elegant heels

Pearl is a signature of vintage and elegant

Come closer to look at Dianna and this beautiful dress. Draped and Lace combining a nice form

Pearl and clean mental brown make up

Vintage two pieces, in creamy white again. A pencil skirt, big pearl liked buttons and a formal collar. It shows a vintage of the dress but also bring a modern feeling out through the crop tops.

my 2014 ClockenFlap

My first Clockenflap in 2014= I AM HAPPY!!!!!!!

My friend- Miss M she is smart because she help all of us to buy a early bird 3 days tickets!!!! The
first night we were late because we are not free till 7pm....  then we finally arrived around 9.... then we look for good music and then dance!  

The first night was so-so cause we are late but then we decided to go to W hotel to enjoy the after party BUT! Due to the crowd (almost all the people go to W hotel after the clockenflap) We are failed to put ourselves into the lift SO! some friends they go home and some go to Central and Wan Chai!!!!!! I am the one of them! HAHAHA!

I felt SO happy that I have followed my friend to go to those bars with live band! OH gosh! It was SO SO SO SO SO nice! My new friend- Michelle she brought me and our common friend to Insomnia! Honestly I still feel shy to dance, but standing beside Michelle and Michal that made me feel so relaxed! hahahaha I dance how I like and let go! :) ( it is kind of let go of Ego because I did not fear of how the people look at me. )

We were out till 4am something then we had our EARLY breakfast at frying pans!!! Because I felt SO hungry!!!!!! =__= 

Then the second day of Clockenflap we first had our afternoon coffee then we finally arrived the clockenflap around 4pm! We walked around and we went to different stage to enjoy different type of music! And in the evening my friend suggested to see ''Cool and the Gang''! So we stayed in the harbourflap! OMG...... SUPER COOL! I love black music A LOT!!! 

The last day of Clockenflap Im so tired honestly... walking slowly and legs are numbed BUT mood is GOOD! :) What could be better than keep seeing friend for totally 3 days like classmate? What could be better than keep seeing friend in the same events? It's like grouping all the friend at the same events and keep receiving message that asking me where am i! :)

Lets make the story short! I love Clockenflap and I enjoyed A LOT! :) I must join it next year!!!! Love music! xxxxxx

Even tho we all so tired... legs are numbed hahaha but we still happy! :)

People, Caring, Friendship, Love is so important! 

I got a small ( actually BIG ) inspiration from this lovely Clockenflap, honestly I m not a good team-player.... I think I do not know how to stay comfortable when I am in a group..... I still need a little bit  more confident, this is what I realized clearer after this 3 days music trip.  And how much you gave then how much you gain back, it is SO fair. But now I know how to share and I am sure I will getting better! :)

And and and... I think timing is so important because if the timing is wrong, you would feel like you are stuck at some time then you can't see and feel things clearly, and then your mind is stuck and your ego is big and you set expectation to the people and you are subjective. 
But when the timing is right and you are ready! You just awake! and suddenly things is so CLEAR! Mind and sense and feeling are all back to high standard level, you suddenly look at the people in a different view that you never discovered before....... I feel a bit sorry I judged people sometimes but I feel SUPER grateful that god let me have a chance to understand myself again and improve! :)
I feel SO great now because when you live free without expectation and judgement, life is like a feather and full of magic! :) I love it!

When the timing is right, you meet someone that make you feel bright and trust.
I guess this is love because trust is made by love, don't you know it? 

I love my friends! I love my life! I love my family! I love love! :) This is amazing!

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