Club Monaco SS15 Press Walk

It was my pleasure to be part of the Club Monaco SS15 Press Walk on last week, the PR is nice and the presentation is nicely done. It was nice that there is a guide to introduce us the theme, inspiration, background of the designer, so we can understand the collection and the brand better. Why it is good to know it? Then we can understand what we pay for, for example- the quality of the fabric, where is the design comes from, where are the products comes from etc... Right? 

For sure I appreciated and respect the creativity and design because they give their passion to the product, but I know that not all the people can afford the price, this is why the fast fashion industry growing fast and success! I respect all of them because all the people they deserve to enjoy fashion, and they have right to dress up how they want and what they like. 

I like Club Monaco because their style is simple and classy, this is what exactly I like.
Earth tone, creamy color are the theme color of SS15, this is what exactly I like again.
Maybe I am a Spring/Summer person, so I like everything about SS- color, weathers, summer country, food, dress-style, warmth, rains, humidity, feeling... 
Honestly when I was in this events, I felt so relaxed and happy, so they really made a good job to make the guests feeling what they want us to feel. Well Done! 

A short events but nice spirit. I enjoyed a lot.

Plus- model are nice especially that big ''Cheers''! Merci!

Plus plus- I wish more and more readers to follow me! I will write more about life, lifestyle, things around me... especially when I got inspired, I hope my little wishes would come true little by little. 

Love my peeps.

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