Regular Weekday But Freestyle Weekend

Let the happiness within you. You are happy because you are. 

Weekend! Make myself brighter and prettier!

What a Good Saturday! Sunshine and Sunny day! Since I started to work for a PR agency as a social media specialist, my life is being regular. I enjoy my Regular weekday and Freestyle Weekend! HAHA! During the week, I am a good girl to fit in the world but in the weekend, I just be myself. I think, this is the balance, right? And it is fair enough! :)

Honestly, I feel nice to have a regular life, somehow I feel grounded and feel like I am living a life ( not sure how to express in English ). You know I was SO freestyle before ( yes, freelancer! ) So, right now I feel good to have a simple life, everything is so regular and solid. It is good to dream big, but sometimes we still have to figure out the basic life first, as this is the first step to be a person in the world, right? I guess I forgot something about the real world, but now I am connecting again. :) 

For me, everything happened for a reason. I didn't see Leo ( can check at the third station ) for awhile and this evening I see him again, he is renewed and developing his spiritual side, and I am so glad that he reminded me something I forgot already! I always keep my spiritual side with me and will never leave it, but honestly, even tho I am ''awaken'' ( mentally ) but psychically I am not taking a good care of myself. So! I would plan to do sport regularly and eat better! Actually my stress is reflecting on my body for a month...... I should face it and do something. :) OH! This is why I said everything happened for a reason- This is a reminder from Universe, they pass me this message through Leo. :) 

OK! Here is the short story about where I have been today! :) See if you like to go? 

First station: I went to Sinmei Tea with my Best Friend- Vicki, we had a nice tea and a green chocolate fondant! It was GOOOOD! :) I would like to recommend you to try! :) And there is a cat which look like my fluffy clutch by Mountain Yam. Haha! :)

Second station: Then we went to Wan Chai, to seek our Egg waffles and feed our stomach! :D As you can see the picture below! :)

Third station: After I say goodbye to baby Vicki, I went to Tai Hung to meet another group of friend! A good friend of mine- Leo, he invited me to a dinner and ALL the food is nice!!! ( I did not take picture...) I met his cool friend and after the dinner we go for wine and cheese!!!!!!!!!!!! ( I have picture) What a wonderful day I had....... Thank you so much, I feel so grateful about that!!! :)

Now I treasure my holiday a lot! Because I work hard on the weekday! :) Love this kind of life!

First station- Sinmei Tea
                     Address: 5/F, CS Tower, 50 Wing Lok Street

Fluffy cat and Fluffy clutch

The dessert is: Green Chocolate Fondant (Must Try)

Top: Green Chocolate Tea
Bottom: Chai Tea

Second station- Oddies Foodies
                          Address: Shop 1F, GF No.149 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai

Huge egg waffles with ice cream coated with chocolate, banana and some mixed nuts in the base

Huge cookies and chocolate with milky ice cream, Super milky! And some dried carrot cake and dried fruit in the base


Third station- Fresh Gourmet HK
                       Address: No.28 G/F, Shepherd Street, Tai Hang

I forgot the name of the wine, but it is sweet and nice! :)

Go cheese! :) Love the strong one! :D

Namaste xxx
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