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dear all, i wish you are all well! This week is a New Begin for me and i wish all my fellow are good!
Now is autumn and everybody make sure keep your skin good and take care!

It is still hot in Hong Kong so we still can keep dressing up well without bulky clothing.

How do you like my look today? This dress is cute and chic! I do love the big ruffles on the sleeves like a mermaid and the print is So Nice- it is like the pirates in the midnight ocean keep floating up and down, can't see the end and finding the right way.

If you get bored of being a beauty queen, why not give a chance to be an witchy princess?

I do like Lalalove, their design is always playful and you can't be bored of their INTERESTING prints! Bold and Fun! Please have a look of their web site! To support creative designer no matter where they come from :)

Thank you Voulez Vous for supporting me! :) Be a blogger is not easy in Hong Kong, we do need support :) Please feel free to visit their shop!
Thank you Victoria Chan for helping me always! You are the best photographer!!! :)

hey sweet heart! Thank you for clicking in! and if you read this all, wow! you are the best! :)
Thank you! All the best to you!

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Street Goth- Five Heads Baby

Street Goth- it is a street style which inspired by Gothic, easier and more casual but looks mystic.
Today I got a look is street goth but in a cute-weirdo way. HAHA! I love those babies head on my polka dot pencil skirt! They are so lovely and cute and weird HAHA! 
And the shoes is comfortable, vintage style and with a transparents little square heels!

Sometimes I love to look ''Odd'', fully dressed well it makes me feel boring.....
Why not to have another look in your life? :)


有時作這些看來''奇怪''的打扮也很好玩呢!時常都打扮得太無瑕,其實有時會悶的呢..... 何不來個改變?:)

All by Annakiki
Store: Voulez Vous 
Address: 3/F, 18 Pak Sha Road, Causeway Bay
  • Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Tel: 23880938

What's next? This is Annakiki.

I like to go to boutique to find some interesting clothes for myself usually. Why? Because they always surprise me! And it is more fun to shop in boutique than the big store. The fashion buyer always bring the special fashion brands to us and they don't care if they are famous or not, they care about how talent they are.

Voulez Vous ( 3/F, 18 Pak Sha Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong ) is a stylish boutique I really like, the owner and the buyer regularly bring us unique and interesting pieces from Paris, Thailand, Beijing, Korea, Shaihang... to Hong Kong.

Today I have picked Annakiki's pieces because their new collection is so attractive to me. 
Red and black makes a fantastic and mystical feeling to me, the embroidered lips and flowers as a key details, the volume gauze made skirt with uneven shape and the long pencil shaped dress with off shoulder is another key details for the F/W collection 2014.

How could you say no to Annakiki? Tell me which one is your favorite item!

Specially Thank you to Voulez Vous and Victoria Chan (my fashion photographer)!
Thank you for reading! Love you all!


Voulze Vous ( 香港銅鑼灣白沙道18號3樓) 就是其中一間我喜歡的型格時裝店,店主和買手會定時替我們去到巴黎,泰國,韓國,上海,北京等地,將獨特和有趣的衣飾帶到香港,好等我們不用外遊都可以享受到不同國家的時裝成品。



重點多謝 Voulez Vous 和 Victoria Chan (我的時裝攝影師)!

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