What make you keep coming back to the same coffee shop?

Randomly pick few coffee's photos to show. Which one do you like the most? I always drink Mocha, because it is like a dessert to me, it can comfort my heart and make me smile. :) And it is good for my little stomach as well.

Hey, all the photo here are taken in different coffee shop, they are La Station, Rabbithole, Coffee Alley. 

Do you believe that enjoy a coffee is a package? 
First, you need a nice coffee(at least it is acceptable to drink), Secondly, it has to be some nice people around, I mean, the coffee shop has to bring a cozy/friendly feeling by the people(If there is no connection with me, I will not come back). Lastly, the place has to be cozy to stay long(maybe not good for their business, haha).

Hope you have a long favorite coffee shop list!

All photography taken by me.
Thank you.

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