A lot of HAPPY things did happened in Nov! It looks/sounds like a NEW start for EVERYONE! I LOVE it! :) Well! No matter what happen, and how hard is the middle of life(journey), do NOT give up! Just keep your faith and move on, you must get there if you believe ''IT''. I do believe! :)

Another lovely friend- Tim Wong just launched his new accessories brand on 21st of Nov! I am SO happy for him and really really proud of him! :) You are the best and you just made your dream came true! :) You are the hero for yourself! 

The color of this collection is hot pink and black which is both suitable for ladies and gentleman! :) I also like the thoughtful design of their accessories! It could be a headpiece but also a bracelet! It is a bracelet but also can be a necklace! WOW! I will never get bored by it! :)
I do like the one in heart shape that I was holding for the selfie! No reason! Just like it! And I found out the name of this little baby is The Power of Flowers..... oh dear.... this is exactly my name! haha :) 

Hey Dreams! Lets rest now and keep your dream alive! Tmr is another good day! :) Good Night!
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Halo! Jasmine and Karen :)

The power of flower!!!! this is me!!!

 The founder of BTW X KOITE - Tim Wong

The founder of BTW X KOITE - Franco Yim

Friends! Ikki! Jessica! Ira! Karen!!!!!

ALL friends TGT!!!

Hug again!!!!

Full House!!!

hahaha me and my friend! We look like a twins??

GHD- get the hint darling

When I check out my photo after my hair done I think I forgot how serious I would look like if I don't smile..... OH!  Back to the topic!

HEY!!!!! WOW! What could be better to have a nice hair style done in 20 mins? Free drinks! Free great music!  Professional hair product and hair stylist! I enjoyed a lot! Thank you for inviting me to join this free pop up salon in PMQ! Very very nice!

This is my second to join it and always getting cooler! Everything is so professional! :) Cool team! Love it! 

Thank you for making me prettier and I am so glad that they did not damaged my hair when they are using the hair straighter! It protected my hair so well..... :) The hair stylist cares about my hair a lot and I am so happy that he told me the condition of my hair is really not bad..... GOSH! THANKS!!!!! I care my hair too :)

The photographer are amazing! SO friendly and funny! I can't stop smiling and laughing! And the GDH team are so energize! A very good model who  knows how to pose well! haha!

But the thing I do really wanna share is- The Diana! This instant version of Diana is SO SO SO SO cool!!!!!! You know I love photography! And this golden one looks really beautiful! And when you taking photo with the film which is not paid by you..... the feeling is SO great.... hahahaha :) I hope they like the photos and GHD! You are awesome! :)

To check more, please check their web site : 
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THANKS! :) xxo

Full house!

I don't wanna let you go.....

Me and my hair stylist! :)

 You are a stars!

Halo! :) 

The photographer needs to be cool like us!!

After the cool hair style done!!

112 Mountain Yam Grand Opening Party


Today is a big day for our friend- Mountain Yam! Because his new shop is open in a nice plaza that located in Tuen Mun, I am happy to be the one of the guest there to share this happiness with him!

I finally know how is ''112 mountain yam'' ( the name of the brand ) comes from! It is because of his birthday is on 2rd of November! :) Such a nice name! 

Today I have seen a lot of blessings, laughters, kindness and happiness, so that you would understand why so many guests has came for him (even tho his new store is Far from the city), it is because he is nice to people and the same nice energy just come back to him, and no doubt that he has charm like every leaders should have. I am so glad he is a blessed person and I can see his family loves him a lot! :) 

And I finally come back to events/parties...since i retreated for awhile.... :) I am so glad I see my friends again... oh dear... you know, you never know is the friendship will go...... but today I felt so happy that nothing changed.... I am so lucky and blessed.......

Life must go on no matter it is harsh, it is not yet on the right track, it is bitter, it is lost, it is unclear, but I am SO sure that at the end, everything gonna be alright! :) 
I am back on the track and I will always remember what Master Yang told me in her Life-Cheering camp, she said: Kwan Hiu, you are a talented person, your life is special, be focus. You need a platform. 

Mountain is working so hard for his business and he gave a lot on it! This is the result we can see now! I am really glad about it as I understand it is not easy for a young Local designer to have a physical shop. :) You worth to and Hey! ALL the DREAMERS and DESIGNERS! You ALL WORTH TO have the BEST!!!!! Keep it UP! UPUPUPUPUP!!!!!

Address: Shop No. H-218, H.A.N.D.S, Yau Oi Road, Tuen Mun, New Territories, H.K.
Transportation: MTR Tuen Mun station exit B >> LIGHT RAIL 507 or 505 On Ting station 

Little gift from Mountain and the socks by HONEY!!!!! :)

HAPPY to see you guys again! Can't explain well the feeling :) love you all!!!


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